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A Photographer in Arizona

“I am a wife and a full-time mom to my five amazing children. I love to laugh and tell jokes (sometimes sarcastic ones). I couldn’t live without ice cream or shopping. I also have a love for soccer, traveling to new and familiar destinations, photography, movies and crime investigation shows. I enjoy meeting new people and quite often my clients become good friends. I discovered my enthusiasm for photography after having my own children. I was amazed at how fast they grow and change and I wanted to capture every moment and preserve it. At first I dabbled in various types of photography, trying to find my niche. I quickly discovered that my passion is capturing newborns and babies. They are tiny little miracles and will only be so little for a short period of time. I really have the best “job” there is.”

~ Alisha Gilliam


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Alisha’s newest work showcases her remarkable talent in capturing the purest moments of love, joy, and tenderness. With an artistic eye and a genuine passion for photography, she brings forth a collection of stunning maternity, newborn, and baby portraits. Each image exudes a unique charm and showcases the beauty of these precious moments. Alisha’s newest work is a testament to her expertise, dedication, and ability to create timeless and heartwarming memories for families to cherish for a lifetime.

Outdoor maternity shoot with husband and wife at sunset.


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