Of all the babies I’ve been able to work with, Peyton was one of the most memorable.

Besides having taken the maternity photographs for mom and dad to be, and being an absolute dream to work with, she had a head of hair that most adults would be jealous of. Ever since I posted this session on social media, the comments about her hair have not stopped coming in. It’s been a lot of fun to see everyone’s reactions and comments about how amazing and gorgeous this little girl’s hair is. Let me say this, as a mother, if one of my children were born with that hair, I would announce it to the world! Just beautiful!

Since I had already gotten to know mom and dad during the maternity photoshoot, I asked if they were planning on being in any of the newborn photos themselves. Their response was a quick ‘probably not’, but seeing as this is my job, I couldn’t leave it at that.

We talked about how as new parents, especially the moms, you may not feel camera ready having just very recently given birth, but I asked them to reconsider being in some of the photos because regardless of how you feel about your appearance, these are moments that only happen once. You can’t get them back.

After I sent the gallery to Peyton’s parents, her mom sent me a message telling me how glad she was they decided to be in some of the photos with her.

Look, I know taking pictures isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I just want you to know that as your photographer, I will do everything I can to not only deliver amazing photographs, but help you be as comfortable and confident as possible.

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